Data Entry refers to the process of typing or entering information manually on the computer. The software used for data entry is Microsoft Office Suite which includes the following Word, Excel, Access, Outlook and OpenOffice. Data Entry requires good typing skills and accurate grammar which involves accurate use of punctuation and appropriate use of spaces. It involves collecting the raw data and entering it on the given form. The raw data is given in the forms of images or handwritten documents. Data Entry also includes data scrubbing or data cleansing which is a process of removing data from the database which is incorrect, incomplete, improperly formatted or duplicated. The sectors catered to include banking, insurance, telecommunications, retailing and many others.

There are a lot of data entry jobs available online which could either be a full time or a part time option that involves working from home, which in turn helps a person earn an additional income. Companies find it easier to outsource data entry jobs to people who prefer working home as they are able to get a lot of people and save a lot of cost. A person who enters data or does a data entry job is called a data entry clerk or data entry operator, nowadays known as office assistants. A lot of times LinkedIn and other social networking sites for example Facebook are used to promote data entry jobs.

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