Interpretation refers to the service of vocally interpreting the speaker who speaks a different language into a language that the audience understands and vice versa. When vital information has to cross language barriers in real time, there’s no room for error. Lexicon Services offers simultaneous, consecutive, telephonic and onsite interpretation services in over 150+ languages.

Our team of professional interpreters specializes in providing interpretation services in Indian, Asian, Middle Eastern and European languages for international conferences, seminars, and meetings.

Lexicon Services interpreters are validated and verified professionals who provide accurate Interpretation services and ensure high level of confidentiality.

Consecutive Interpretation :

Consecutive interpretation is when the interpreter interprets right after the speaker pauses. It takes place often at one-to-one meetings and does not involve interpretation equipment and technologies.

Simultaneous Interpretation :

Simultaneous interpretation is when the interpreter interprets while the speaker is speaking. Most conferences and seminars require Simultaneous Interpretation. Simultaneous Interpretation requires equipment which typically consists of headphones at each delegate’s seat along with a console indicating language to select.

Telephonic Interpretation :

Also Known as over the phone interpretation. If you need to communicate with a non-English speaker, telephone interpreting is a simple way to instantly communicate. Telephone interpreting is more commonly used for situations in which all language speakers who wish to communicate are already speaking to one another through telephone. Our Telephone Interpretation Services is available to all industries.

Onsite Interpretation :

Sometimes phone interpretation isn’t practical, legally allowable or socially correct. In these cases, you need an onsite interpreter who is not only skilled in language interpretation services, but also presents a professional appearance that reflects well on your organization.

Lexicon Services onsite interpreters are carefully screened and selected to deliver the highest quality language interpretation services. In addition, they are thoroughly trained and tested on their knowledge of protocol and ethics before they set foot on your site.