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The role of desktop publishing in business translation

Along with editing and proofreading the translated content for your business, today, Desktop Publishing is also playing a crucial role. There may arise a question why the language services need desktop publishing too to be performed. However, there are still some valuable reasons to stress on this need and here follow a few:

Desktop publishing is the last phase in the translation or localization project. This may involve using the document of source language or the file to develop a layout in the targeted language. This will involve all essential technical and cultural adaptations

  • The ultimate purpose of desktop publishing in translation is to deliver the document with the original look as it was in the source language file or the targeted one
  • Desktop publishing will include extraction of content from files or non-editable formats for the translation requirements
  • It is used to make the text readable from the right to left, especially for the languages like Hebrew, Urdu and Arabic
  • It helps to modify the style sheet or the templates that is attached to document
  • It helps to change the font to match the targeted language script
  • It helps to regenerate table of contents and restore index according to targeted language
  • It helps to edit graphics and make required adjustments within the layout to accommodate reduction or expansion of text
  • It helps to address the issues related to tables, graphs and columns. It helps to edit graphics

A professional translation company will certainly find it essential to finalize the print-ready document and screen-ready localized digital content. To ensure this the desktop publishing becomes crucial for translation services. Although this may be an additional job, it still values a lot and makes the clients feel happy with the complete solution for their requirements instead of looking for different services providers for the same.

Desktop publishing is also beneficial for complicated characters and complex languages. This can optimize the look and feel of your projects. These additional skills of the language services will make them an expert in the industry. with many benefits to gain from this desktop publishing for language translation, it is also crucial to ensure that you approach the right service provider who is professional and skilled handling such requirements in an efficient way. However, the cost of services should also be taken into your consideration before hiring the translation services with desktop publishing.